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Thank you all for once again participating in Apriltello Week and the ones who made entries dedicated to it!!! Sorry that I didn't end it yesterday or the day before, but there had been some personal things going on (if any of you watch me, you would know). Don't worry, I'm fine now.

So here are all the participants:

:iconneko-mirichan:Apritello week- Donnie being Donnie by Neko-mirichan

:iconbeyalwolf:Donnie and April | I feel safe when I'm with you by BeyalWolf

:iconjini--chan:Apritello week submission  Confession by Jini--Chan

:icontmnt2012fan: TMNT Apriltello: EyesApril stared into Donnie's eyes. They were the strangest eyes he had ever seen, one of a kind, that's what they were. They were colored a fiery reddish-brown just like his personality. They always beared a bright happiness with the slightest exhaustion. All of this was normal to her but now they look different.
Still the vibrant color but, they looked far off and worried. "What is it," April asked her brow furrowed.
"April I have to tell you something... I-I love... you," Donnie stuttered. April looked at him disbelief, and as if to prove his point he leaned down and kissed her. At first it was a light kiss but then it deepened with passion. When they pulled back April smiled up at Donnie.
"I...," she hesitated she knew there was no going back after she said this but, she realized she didn't care. "Love you too." Donnie smiled and kissed her again. He was happy, in the end he had gotten her. Even with that stinky, old Casey Jones.

:iconcanthugegverycat: Confessions over the Heavy RainDonnie stood at the edge of the roof above April's home, soaked and wet over the heavy rain that hit the ground every second. He finally wanted to ask something very important to his best friend. However he couldn't muster up the confidence to tell her, he was too nervous and scared. Knowing that she might be scared and leave him forever..
Donnie quietly jumped down from the roof, watching her brush her silky red flaming hair that he loved. He also didn't want to scare her by making noise anywhere. However he didn't know that April knew he was there, he jumped in shock when she walked over to her window, seeing him stare at her. Donnie tried to find a excuse for what he did. However he was stopped when she opened her window, smirking as about laugh at him, also mentally asking why he was here. Getting wet as the pouring rain was hitting her gorgeous body. Donnie was zoned out by how beautiful she was. But his dreams were gone when April spoke up confused of why he was here.

Wow, it's less participants this time...again. Well like before it's ok. People have lives, so they must be busy with some things that's going on, but that's still not the case. I understand if some doesn't want to draw/write something for Apriltello Week. This is something that they can do for fun and for their own enjoyment, not by force of course:XD: If you have time, check out these amazing artist (or/and writers) with their awesome art and if you have time, feel free to watch (or even friend) them! If there's anyone else who I have forgotten who has participated in this Apriltello Week, please let me know.

Like always as planned, the next Apriltello Week will be sometime next month and the next theme will be Alternate world/Opposite (like they switch personalities or they switch species).

Once again, thanks to all of you amazing artist who did these amazing entries and thanks to all of you for supporting this awesome idea! For the ones who couldn't do anything for this Apriltello Week due to life related things, like I always say it's perfectly ok! Maybe you can participate next time? I hope to do this again and I hope to see more arts and stories from all of you^^ And thank you all for your support of Donnie and April as characters! I really appreciated.

See you all in Apriltello Week 5!!!^^ I hope more people can participate...
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This group is dedicated to the couple (or friendship) of Donnie and April from the new TMNT series that came in 2012.

Note: It means that you were send a invitation to this group, that doesn't mean you HAVE to accept it. If you don't like this pairing then that's ok.

Este grupo se dedica a la pareja (o la amistad) de Donnie y abril de la nueva serie TMNT que llegó en 2012.

Nota: Esto quiere decir que usted era enviar una invitación a este grupo, eso no significa que tenga que aceptarla. Si te gusta este emparejamiento, entonces eso es bueno.
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Jul 5, 2013


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399 Members
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Rules bycupcakeforever18

:bulletyellow:ONLY submit things that has something to do with Apriltello (or other things that are listed bellow). Anything that is not, will be removed.

:bulletpurple: Anyone can join! You don't have to make arts and stories to be a member of the group! I just want you to show your love for Apriltello. So enjoy!

:bulletyellow: Art and stories are allowed as long as there are about Donnie and April.

:bulletpurple: Other arts that related to TMNT 2012 is allowed in the favorites.

:bulletyellow: Fan kids, Donnie art, April art, and Apriltello with others is allowed in this group (there are folders for all of these categories). For now on, all Apriltello Mature Content (art/stories that have a mature warning) should be submitted STRAIGHT to the Apriltello Mature Content folder.

:bulletpurple: Remember, ONLY art from the 2012 series is allowed.

:bulletyellow: Even if you are an Apriltello member/fan, you should always submit art in the featured folder.

:bulletpurple: Even if your really dislike Capril , please try to control yourself. We don't want any trouble in this group, even if it's mostly all about Apriltello. If something like that gets out of hand, then you will be banned from this group.

:bulletyellow: You can still be a member even if you are a Capril shipper too! With that said, not ANY Apriltello shipper should give that member a hard time just because they ship Capril! If I EVER see something like that, you will be banned from the group immediately!

:bulletpurple: If you have any questions, please ask me about it.

Please enjoy the group and if you have any suggestions to make this group better, please ask even cupcakeforever18 or FlashyFashionFraud. Please enjoy yourselves:3

If you would like to donate to the Apriltello group so the group have premium membership, go here flashyfashionfraud.deviantart.…


Apriltello Soundtrack

1. Hero by Enrique Iglesias

2. This kiss - Carly rae Jepsen

3. C'mon C'mon by One Direction

4. Enchanted by Owl City

5. "Escape" by Enrique Inglesias

6. When the Day met the Night By Panic! At the Disco

7. Things I'll Never Say by Avril lavigne

8. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

9. Safe and Sound by Capital Cities

10. Never Alone by Barlow Girl

11. Treasure by Bruno Mars

12. I Loved You First by One Direction

13 .ET by Katy Perry

14. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

15. Super Lov by Shane Dawson

16. Islands in the Stream by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton

17. You are My Sunshine by Elizabeth Mitchell

18. Rhythm of Love by Plain White Tees

19. Jaw Drop by Cash Cash

20. Crazy 4 U by Ross Lynch

21. Hung Up by Hot Chelle Rae

22. Ours by Taylor Swift

23. Nite and Day by Al B! Sure

24. Just The Two of Us by Bill Withers

25. I Wish I Was Your Lover by Enrique Iglesias

26. This Could Be Real by Richard Elliot

27. Mirrors by Justin Timberlake

28. Beautiful Soul by Jessie McCartney

29. A Thousand Years by Christina Perri

30. I Gotta Find You by Joe Jonas

31. Little Wonders by Rob Thomas

32. I Need You To Love Me by Barlow Girl

33. Kissin U by Miranda Cosgrove

34. I Want Crazy by Hunter Hayes

35.Little Thing by One Direction

36. One Thing by One Direction

37. What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

38. Cinema by Skrillex

39. Your Guardian Angel by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

40. The Scientist by Coldplay

41. Try by Nelly Furtado

42. Little Things by Colbie Caillat

43. And everything's changin by Ryan Adams

44. Song Everybody Knows by Ryan Adams

45. Gone Gone Gone by Philip Philips

46. Dance Dance by Fall Out Boys

47. Dirty Little Secret by The All American Rejects

48. Everybody Talks by Neon Trees

49. Lessons in Love by Neon Trees

50. Every Time We Touch by Cascada

51. Crazy Girl by The Eli Young Band

52. Video Games by Lana Del Rey

53. All I Need by Awolnation

54. I Belong in Your Arms by Chairlift

55. I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt

56. Angels Fall Sometimes by Josh Tuner

57. Livin' our love song by JasonMichael Carrol

58. Island In The Sun by Weezer

59. It Will Rain by Bruno Mars

60. Calling All Angels by Train

61. Fix You by Coldplay

62. Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

63. 365 Days by Leon Thomas lll

64. Notice Me by David Archuleta

65. Marry me by Jason derulo

66. Crush by Mandy moore

67. Just A Dream by Nelly

68. The Only Exception by Paramore

69. Brown eyes by Destiny's Child

70. Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls

If you have any suggestions to add on to the soundtrack, please feel free to comment. If you see any duplicates, then alert the founder.

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